Post 2025

Electricity Market Design Project

Delivering a stronger, lower emissions power system for Australians

The Energy Security Board, in collaboration with the market bodies is making the national electricity market fit-for-purpose. The 2025 project addresses essential change in a world of expanding consumer choices, new technologies, and large-scale capital replacement as old thermal power stations leave the market. Without reform we can’t get the full value of emissions reduction offered by the renewables revolution.

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The 2025 project

The future course of energy investment and operation is at a turning point. The shift to new technologies and renewables is happening at speed. More consumers and producers are taking up those opportunities. Just one example of consumer choices driving structural change is the rapid spread of rooftop solar, smart appliances and other distributed energy resources that are changing the face of the market. Australia’s power system may well become the most decentralised in the world.

Existing market design and its challenges

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The post 2025 market design initiatives

Seven market design initiatives are being coordinated through the post 2025 project to reform the fundamentals of the energy system. Combined, they will make the national electricity market fit for changes already underway and into the future.