We have set up seven workstreams to consider issues and solutions. We will continue working with you in the months ahead to consolidate workstreams outputs into a future market design.

Developing a coherent package of reforms

The post 2025 program maps out a coherent long-term reform path for market development, moving debates forward from short-termism which so often undermines the all-important long-term interests of consumers.

The broader program of reform enables system-wide thinking so design elements can be optimised together. It’s also important for the evaluation process to carefully consider how development initiatives work together to limit unintended consequences as far as possible.

The high-level plan beyond 2025 sets out where more sophisticated tools, systems and arrangements may be needed to address strategic challenges from now and over the next 10-15 years. This work has already started on the integrated system pIan, interim reliability and security measures, and renewable energy zones.

A representative example showing how the post 2025 reforms could build on early measures taken is illustrated below.

Phased market development

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The energy security board notes that market design options developed through the post 2025 project need to work with other reforms underway in the broader policy environment – for example rule change requests already initiated by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) and work underway by Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and the Australian Energy Regulator (AER)

Market design options should be coherent and viable packages that fit with the broader reform agenda, be proportionate to the scale of both the challenges and opportunities, and not impose unnecessary costs onto consumers and market participants, for example due to inefficient sequencing of activities.

Program overview and next steps

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